A Sailor Lost

Marynarz Bez Łodzi (PL)


Marynarz Bez Łodzi (Pl)

Time: 1 hr 30 min
Release date: 2019

Mystery, entertainment, but above all an unusual portrait of an extraordinary city. “Łódź” (en. “boat”) that cannot float, there is neither river nor sea here. In his funny film Marcin Latałło wonders what happens when a sailor enters Łódź. His poetic journey is full of amazing discoveries – from factory chimneys, through tango to snails. The film also asks the question of what identity, memory, road and home are.

The title sailor is a man suspended between two worlds: memory and oblivion, facts and creation. He comes to Lodz – a city where there is no sea – to settle down… Will he find himself in the real world, and not just imaginary?

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Cast & Crew Members


Marcin Latałło (Sailor),
Ewa Szykulska (Mrs. Renia),
Julia Pietrucha (Kasia),
Justyna Wasilewska (Asia),
Mateusz Jordan-Młodzianowski (Przemek),
Monika Buchowiec (Stefcia),
Jacek Jung (Bolo),
Aleksandra Wiśniewska (Pati),
Adam Fidusiewicz,
Radosław Hebal,
Zygmunt Malanowicz.


Andrzej Wojciechowski (Video),
Tomasz Wiracki (Music),
Radoslaw Ochnio (Sound),
Svitlana Topor (Editing),
Marcin Latałło (Director, Scenographer).

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