Documentaries / Fictions / Masterclasses

Concept by Marcin Latałło


Our entire planet is on the brink of disaster. 

 And the Coronavirus just the latest in a long series.

Since the great wind of change of 1989, our world has taken a brutal turn in the wrong direction: Trump as president, Putin in Russia and Jinping in China, and more and more countries, like Brasil, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, and many others, who have fallen into the hands of populists and right-wing regimes. 

Wars in Syria and Yemen claim millions of lives, the largest refugee crisis in the history of humanity is only getting worse, we are in the middle of an ecological disaster, the nuclear arsenal of the world keeps growing…

We have to act, here and now, with the means at our disposal as citizens, as filmmakers, as human beings, and to try to work together to create networks and find local solutions to global problems.

My proposition is a new type of series, combining online masterclasses, documentaries,  fictions and workshops.

This series will be created by a collective of journalists, writers, photographers, filmmakers, human rights activists and representants of different minority groups, who will work in unison on a European level, in collaboration with newspapers, human rights and ecological organisations and grassroots movements, in different countries, of different political sides, but aiming for the truth, on the difficult and actual problems that will later become the basis for the stories of the episodes: the drama of the refugee children, the exploitation of our planet, sex workers, human trafficking, slave labour, racist violence, governement and corporations ingerence in privacy, “dirty money” and others, confronting the problems of our times.

To achieve global change, we need global actions and “all hands on deck” : film stars, actors and filmmakers, musicians and artists, human right activists and ordinary citizens, as many people as possible need to get involved in the global challenges of the contemporary world and film, Television and the Internet are the ideal media to act, here and now, and like Wim Wenders said, “change the World – by changing the images of the World”.